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A-01 Cajon Pass

This long suffering site was totally rebuilt by the chapter in May of 2015. Two days, start to finish. The area is surrounded by quail waiting for a reliable water source.

Cajon Pass

Big Bend Guzzler and Sand Canyon Guzzler Tank Repairs

East Ord Mountain

A-80 in Lucerne Valley

Fry Mountains A-63

A-63 serves the northern end of the Fry Mountains in Johnson Valley. It was nearly destroyed and had been out of service for 7 years when the chapter took it on in 2013. We did two other supporting systems, A-62 and A-64, which were in similar condition and are now returned to 125% of original design capacity.

Juniper Flat

A-93 in Juniper Flat was not functioning before the chapter rebuilt it. Here is another example of what we do to support wildlife habitat.

Lucerne Cutoff A-18

A-18 serves the northeastern portion of Lucerne Valley. This concrete tank guzzler had been leaking and had to be completely rebuilt. Here is the project, start to finish.

Lucerne Valley A-39

A-39 supports the habitat East of Hwy 247 in Lucerne Valley. It was in tough shape until the chapter tackled it along with the other systems in the Ord and East Ord Mountain area.

Stoddard Valley A-45

This is an example of what we do as a chapter. These guzzlers serve the Central Mojave Desert. A-45 serve the Western end of the Stoddard Valley.

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