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Quail Forever ® is a non-profit conservation organization dedicated to the wise use and management of America’s wild quail, doves, upland game birds and other forms of wildlife.

Quail Forever has made restoring America’s quail populations for future generations our first priority. The button below may be used for contributions to support High Desert Quail Forever efforts in its habitat, educational and research projects on the regional and national levels.

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To adopt a guzzler,  make a donation by check, cash or money order, download a donation form, indicate which project you would like to support, and send it to us by mail or come to a meeting:  Donation Form

Thank you for your contribution to High Desert Quail Forever. Your generosity today will help assist to restore America’s quail populations for the future.

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Quail forever is dedicated to the conservation of quail, pheasant and other wildlife through habitat improvements, public awareness, education and land management policies programs.

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