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High Desert Quail Forever’s focus is to maintain, repair and enhance the habitat and water sources for the Upland Game Birds as well as all other wildlife indigenous to the High Desert known as the Western and Eastern Mojave.

The chapter also maintains the habitat and water collecting sources for the north side of the San Bernardino Mountains.These activities are coordinated and approved by the California Fish & Game, Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service.

Water For Wildlife, Quail Forever style…

California’s giant Mojave Desert is unique upland bird habitat. It has everything needed to support Valley quail, Gambel’s quail and chukar, except water. High Desert Quail Forever focus is to Protect, Maintain and Enhance the habitat for Upland Game birds as well as other wildlife indigenous to the geographical area in Southern California known as the High Desert and as the East and West Mojave. These activities are coordinated and approved by California Fish and Game, Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Quail Forever National Headquarters and accomplished with man power from volunteers and funded by donations from Individuals, Businesses, Quail Forever National Headquarters, Local and Federal Government Agencies.

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A-01 Cajon Pass

This long suffering site was totally rebuilt by the chapter in May of 2015. Two days, start to finish. The area is surrounded by quail waiting for a reliable water source.

Cajon Pass

Big Bend Guzzler and Sand Canyon Guzzler Tank Repairs

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